There’s just nothing like waking up at noon (after you woke up at 9:00 and again at 10:30) after 7 days of getting up between 6:30 and 7:30.  Having a leisurely morning of coffee and Toaster Strudels , going shopping and not having to wait in line, and then coming home for a late lunch.  All the things to do on a beautiful Saturday mor….wait…what? It’s Monday?  Oh, yeah!  I knew that.  I really did.  But, see, it’s our Saturday.  Got to stay up late last night (we haven’t really stayed up much past 11 in the last week or so), eat junk food, then watch the hubby play video games with the boys.  I’m so lucky that I truly enjoy not only my hubby, but his friends and his boy pastimes.  No, he doesn’t watch sports (which makes me sad because I love baseball and football!), and I don’t play video games with him and the boys (they play first person shooter games, and I suck at them), but I enjoy watching him play and can occasionally talk him into watching the game with me.  (HINT: guys, those tomboys are more than just great female friends to hang out with…they make good girlfriends/wives!)

We have fun together and I’m so glad.  We drive each other crazy, and when we fight, we can get loud (had the cops called on us once because the people upstairs were convinced we were killing each other – and we weren’t even really fighting, just loudly disagreeing! they told the cops they heard him throwing me around – which the cops dismissed when they saw him, and then saw me!^__~).  But in the end, even after a big fight, we make up and get on with it.  I’m not a Christian and will never pretend to be, but that part of the Bible that says not to let the sun set on an argument…well, it’s right.  The sun might literally set, but we don’t go to bed mad.  We might be exhausted the next morning staying up all night to work it out, but that’s what we do.  Because it keeps us sane (well, kinda sane…I’m a little crazy anyway) and we don’t have lingering issues.  Once a problem is handled, we let it go (yes, even me!).  Now, if the problem comes back, we do go at it again, no doubt.  But if it doesn’t come back, neither does the argument.  We’ve discussed what’s going to happen when we have kids, because I don’t ever want our children to hear us fighting and think it’s their fault.  The only conclusion we’ve come to is a sound-proof room.  Maybe with speakers inside the room so we can hear what’s going on outside, but so that no sound can leave the room.  Because I’m afraid that, at the heart of it, we enjoy arguing with each other.  ^__^  If you’re wondering, we had a brief, passionate argument last night.  We’ll leave it at “we made up.”  ^__~

Now, I’m gonna go get more junk food and watch some tv.  Later tonight we’re gonna make either my special hamburgers (I make a dough that we wrap the burgers, some type of fried potato and some cheese in), or some chili, though I think it’s a little hot for chili.  We’ll see.  I’ll let you know what we made and how it went.  Maybe get ya some pictures.  If you’re good, maybe I’ll get ya a recipe to try it yourself.

Please, let me know what you think!

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