Woohoo! Published!

Well, after I whined a little – which made me feel much better – I went to the harbor and while I waited for Josh to get off work, I wrote.  And you know what?  I was able to finish my article!  And not just finish it half-assed, but something I’m proud of.  I think I was able to get my point across in a clear way, and I’ve set myself up for my next two  articles. The next one is going to be a little dodgy for me, as it’s on the holidays and I worry about just saying the same things that have been said a thousand times over.  But it’s something I feel like I need to do for my series of articles to be complete.  So I’ve dug myself a hole and I’m going to lie in it.  Or at least play in it a while.  ^__^  The third article I’m planning on is one on prayer, and it’s one that is close to my heart as it’s an issue the hubby and I are currently working on.

We went shopping earlier and got some junk food that we haven’t had in the last six months.  Bagle Bites, Pizza Rolls, and – for the hubs – corn dogs.  I’m not a big fan of hot dogs…as in, I don’t eat them if it means starving…so we don’t keep them in the house because I don’t think about it.  And Josh is so great, he hates getting something that I won’t eat (of course, I’m the same way), so he hasn’t had them in forever.  Glad we got them, even though we spent ~$25 on what I consider junk food.  ^__^  Oh, well, we needed to spoil ourselves a little after making it through three months of barely scraping by because workman’s comp is full of jerks (don’t get me started!).  Of course, this’ll probably be the last time for a while, since every penny that doesn’t have to be spent, won’t.  I can be very frugal when it suits me.  And to get outta here, it suits me just fine!

So, anyway, I’m about to go find something to munch on while the hubs plays Gears of War with the boys (thank you, XBox Live!) and hope that my article gets approved ASAP (gotta wait on AC to clear it for it to post) so that I can get that link up for y’all.  So, for now, nighty night!

Please, let me know what you think!

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