Happy Beltane!

Happy Beltane!  May your day be beautiful, your lands and life be fertile, and your summer bountiful!  It’s a beautiful day here today.  I took my husband to work and driving on S Lake Shore, with the windows down, sunroof open, and oldies station (all 60s weekend, woot!) blaring was invigorating.  We’ll be doing a ritual tonight (which we always try to do at least Beltane and Samhain, usually Yule and the summer solstice), but for the first time we’ll be doing a fertility ritual. We’ve still got a month’s birth control to go – or it might mess up my system and make it harder for my system to get right and allow us to get pregnant – but we can’t pass up this perfect time for a fertility ritual!  We’ll likely do another one once we’re actually ready to start trying, but let’s call it hedging our bets. ^__^

Yesterday afternoon, I went back to Jackson Inner Harbor and took some pictures.  Some of them came out perfect, some of them need a little editing.  It was crazy.  Partly cloudy out, so the sun would come out and go back behind the clouds.  Sometimes sunny was what made the picture perfect, sometimes cloudy was the only way that it would work.  I’d snap a picture and then look (I have a digital camera and it flashes a preview once the picture takes) and it wouldn’t be quite right and I’d snap another and the clouds would move, either revealing or hiding the sun depending on what it was doing before.  Okay, so not probably simply for my benefit – probably – but it still worked out perfectly.  I really enjoyed what the harbor master there calls a “little slice of heaven”.  If you just look at the harbor itself and the land just west of the harbor, you’d forget you were in Chicago.  There are some pictures that if you didn’t know (if I didn’t tell you) were Chicago, you’d likely never believe it!  Then some of them, I tried capturing the high rises to the southeast (lake side) of the harbor above the trees.  It’s kind of surreal, especially for me who grew up with stuff like that harbor but without the high rises.  Some of the members of the yacht club were there and I think they were amused by me.  I’ll have to pick out my best pictures and print them out to take to show them.  Thinking about giving them to the harbor.  Who knows, maybe that’ll generate some of that much-needed income.  We’ll see.

Well, I’ve gotta run to the bank real quick and withdraw our rent (since there’s no telling when our landlords will actually show up) and then work on those pictures.  I’ll post up when I get them done and submit my slideshow to AC (with a link on the Slideshows page) and maybe even add a few to the decorations here on the blog.  Until then, do your best to enjoy every last bit of today.  Blessed Beltane!

Please, let me know what you think!

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