Got those slideshows up!

So, I got my slideshows of the pictures I took yesterday up.  I decided to make two of them, one for just the harbor pictures and another for pictures for the sake of being beautiful. ^__^  I like taking pictures of things for no other reason than I think it’s beautiful.  Of the 80 or more that I took, I actually only used about 40 of them.  But I’m going to play around with some of the others and see what I can do. Maybe make something psychedelic.   We’ll see.  Once I do, maybe I’ll put some of the singles up here.

Now, I’d do all this fun stuff now, but I gotta go wash dishes and then go pick up the hubby from work.  Hoping it’ll rain tonight like it did last night because that was pretty to watch.  ^__^  I love rain almost as much as I love wind.  And wind is my element, I feel like I’m supercharged when it’s windy (part of the original draw of Chicago for me).  Hoping that the rain will at least hold off on the rain until I get back home, though.  Or I won’t get to ride with the sunroof open and the windows rolled down again!  ^__^

Please, let me know what you think!

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