Are you afraid of the dark??

So, I grew up unafraid of the dark, even knowing that there really were animals out there that might hurt you – on purpose or just because you scared them by being where they didn’t expect you.  I snuck out of bed plenty of times to go play outside after dark, especially if the moon was full (I was a Pagan child even before I knew it!).

But for the first time in my life, I’m actually afraid of the dark.  We had a blackout on our block and the sun was going down.  A friend of mine invited us out for dinner and if I was even thinking about staying home before, I changed my mind when there was no light.  Cause, there’s an even scarier animal in this darkness.  Don’t get me wrong, I live in a nice section of neighborhood.  Our little collection of streets are slightly apart from the rest of Bridgeport and still shy of Pilsen, so it’s mostly quiet (well, except for the passing traffic on the highway and the L-trains and other trains when they pass).  But gangbangers aren’t that far away.  I’ve been able to keep myself fairly neutral and not piss any of them off, and I’ve got a great older guy across the street that wouldn’t put up with that kind of stuff.  But there were no lights.  That makes the world around you a whole lot different, especially when you don’t have a nice 12 gauge just in case.

But, beyond that, I’m actually glad to have had an excuse to go.  Vince’s is an Italian place out by Midway.  Oh. My. Gods.  We ordered mozzarella sticks, hubby got fettuccine alfredo and I got spaghetti with tomato clam sauce.  both came with salads and hubby got creamy garlic dressing and I got the house Italian.  First, let me say, I love Italian dressing and an Italian place without their own or with bad Italian dressing is an Italian place I won’t eat at again.  I LOVED their Italian dressing.  So much so that I got some to go.  And the creamy garlic was also awesome.  And the meals! Oh.  I don’t like alfredo sauce normally.  Or any white sauces for the most part.  I loved this alfredo.  It was awesome.  And my own….I drool slightly as I write this, knowing there is more in my fridge as we speak…and no more room in my stomach after nearly two hours.  The clam was mostly cut small with only a few larger chunks, so no weird, chewy, overcooked chunks of clam.  It was phenomenal.  And between the mozzarella sticks, the salad, and the bread (because please believe I sopped up every last bit of that dressing with a roll!), I ate only about half of my plate and will have a huge lunch tomorrow.  And the best part?  Our meal, plus two glasses of wine (so you know, I’m a philistine, I drink white wine with red sauce!), set us back a little over $40.  We talked to the owner Mickey afterward while he  rang us up.  He’s a great guy, and I suggest you always ask what he’s serving up in the back.  They have a specials page – literally a sheet of paper with the night’s specials on it – but check with him because there was more amazing stuff that he had going that wasn’t on the specials sheet and wasn’t on their main menu (both the alfredo and the spaghetti with tomato clam sauce are on the actual menu).  Next time we go, I’m checking with Mickey before I order.  Because there will definitely be a next time. ^__^

Back home now, obviously, and – also obviously – our power is back on.  Weren’t too sure when we first pulled up because hubby forgot to turn the lamp on in case the power was back on.  Though if it had blown the bulb coming back on, I might have been a bit miffed.  Bed now, though.  Tomorrow comes early.  Night!

Please, let me know what you think!

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