Spiritual Saturday

Lately I’ve been doing better with the blog and talking about spirituality.  But here I have this day that I set aside to post about spirituality and I haven’t posted anything in months.  And honestly, I’ve only just recently started posting more, sharing more.  Most of that has been my YouTube videos, which are giving me great joy not only to film, but then to cut together for y’all.  There are three of them so far and I’m just waiting for Tuesday to get more footage for the next one!  The best part is that each of those rides reconnects me with not only my Gods, but with the spirits of nature and, most importantly, with my husband.  And the time I take to turn the footage I film into something for you guys to watch, not only gives me the joy of those rides back, it’s also a labor of love. Read the full post »

A Little Perspective – the Place of Joy in My Path

My blog has had so many growing pains over the last four years (yipes! my blog turns FOUR at the end of the month!) as I’ve struggled to figure out exactly where I am not only in my life, but that I’m writing about. But one thing that has been pretty constant has been the fact that I want to talk about faith and spirituality, mine in particular. And a major part of my spirituality is taking everything – good, bad, and indifferent, and finding not only good things, but true joy. I think if there was a single thing that defined my path, joy would be it. Joy at its core. And that’s what I try to share with you every day, both here on the blog and over on SCL’s Facebook page. Granted, some of it isn’t exactly “joyful” for me when it happens, but I share it hoping that it will give you a giggle – like last night’s run in with the cat at midnight. Yes, I’m still a little scarred by that. :-P Read the full post »

Wordless Wednesday – Shaded Path

♪♫Musical Monday♫♪

“Dreams” by The Cranberries


Joy of Riding, another video for y’all!

Crossroads – joy, sorrow, spirituality, and scooters

Here lately, I’ve felt like I was in flux.  I spend a lot of my time focusing on “one day” – not just in a daydream sort of way, but because it’s my responsibility to plan for one day in our family of two.  Though there is and likely always will be a small measure of daydreaming to that.  Dreaming of our perfect home – ridiculous amounts of land, a small homestead, pets and livestock.  And children.  And I’m stuck on children again right now because of the birth of my newest niece – my baby brother’s first child.  I can’t even begin to explain what it’s like knowing that precious little miracle has entered the world.  Nor can I put into words how much I’m looking forward to the first time I get to hold her, touch her precious face.  July!!  Can’t come soon enough.  Read the full post »

Wordless Wednesday

♪♫Musical Monday♫♪

“The Other Side” by Aerosmith

Music and Story

There are two things that have been constants in my life – constant loves, constant companions, constant passions that set my heart aflame.  The written word and music.  Even before I learned to read and read well, stories have drawn me.  So I guess it isn’t just the written word.  It’s words, strung together to build worlds and people them with characters that I want to spend time with.  And there has always been both within me.  My Granny tells me of when I was no more than a toddler. Read the full post »

Wordless Wednesday

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